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Conservation Experiences

We are very excited to announce that we are organising a brand new conservation experience during the October 2024 half-term period.

This new expedition will be an amazing opportunity for children, together with their parents, to experience front line conservation in the African bush in a safe, wholesome and relaxing environment.

The confirmed dates are:
20 – 27 October 2024
Registrations are now open, please click on the button for more information: 
For more information on this once in a lifetime experience please take a look at our Conservation Experiences pages.

Conservation Experiences

Working together with scientists and conservationists on the front line in Southern Africa, Animal Saviours organises a number of conservation experiences throughout the year.

Our programs come in several formats, the first option is a 7 day Rhino conservation experience and includes horn trimming of one or more Rhino to assist with anti-poaching efforts, and a large number of other conservation activities, talks, and visits. The second is a 10 day experience and has a more general wildlife focus, and is designed to support ecological research and conservation of species and habitat. We now also offer a 7 day version of our conservation experience focused on families with young adults. The goal is to encourage them to become hands-on in the field of wildlife conservation in a safe and supportive environment.

The donations you make to Animal Saviours to attend these events go directly to supporting research and conservation efforts on the ground. And very importantly, they also contribute to the costs of running the anti-poaching teams and the very expensive process of Rhino horn trimmings, which help to protect this extremely endangered species.

No matter where your interest in conservation is focused, you will find something of interest in one of our programs.

Here are some quotes from volunteers and patrons who have attended one of our experiences:

‘I have come away from this experience now hoping I can continue with having more experiences of this type and having a purpose.’

‘We learnt so much from the Mankwe team, but also because of the interesting conversations that were had within the group. I think the most important thing I have learnt is how intense Mankwe’s conservation efforts are, how deeply the emotions are behind it, and how we can all play a part in helping.’

‘This experience just opened my mind to conservation, the highs the lows the reality, and the magic you don’t see

If you are interested in learning more about real-world wildlife conservation in Africa, helping in research projects, and having the opportunity to be closely involved in a rhino horn trimming and other bush activities you are in the right place.

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For full details of these life changing opportunities please click on the link to get to our Conservation Experiences pages




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Animal Saviours is a UK based charity (registration no: 1174094) that aims to help protect and preserve endangered wildlife species around the world. By providing funding to other charities that rescue, protect, rehabilitate, and release such animals.

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