You are in South Africa and you will be living amongst African nature and so being sensible and adhering to the camp’s rules and recommendations is fundamental to ensure you remain safe and enjoy your stay.

The reserve itself is relatively well hidden, it is not open to the paying public and visitors will be expected and known. As such, the only people in camp, and generally on the reserve, will be those people Mankwe staff will be aware of. There are no safes in the tents or cabins, however, purely as a precautionary measure, visitors will be asked to hand in their valuables (incl passports) at the start of their stay. Valuables will be locked away on camp and handed back as required.

Many animals will be deterred from entering camp by humans and the accompanying noises, but not all. As you would expect with the camp’s location: its proximity to the dam and the availability of food sources, there is the possibility of occasional snakes, spider and scorpion sightings. There are times when the possibility of sightings might increase, such as snakes looking for frogs after a recent downpour. 

You will receive a safety briefing when you arrive at camp and staff will enact established protocols in the unlikely event of an emergency. 

Animal Saviours are unable to provide any advice on which vaccines or medicines you require for your trip, you will need to ascertain this information as part of travelling abroad and to this region of South Africa. We would advise that you ensure that anymedical information received is timely and that you share details of the likely activities you will undertake during your visit (activities list to be provided).

It is the responsibility of all guests to ensure they have the appropriate level of travel and medical insurance in place to cover their trip. Guests will be asked to provide evidence of their insurance before departing. 

Camp Safety and Security
Camp Safety and Security

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