Mankwe boasts up to fifty-three species of large mammals, over three hundred and eighty species of birds, thirty species of reptiles, fifteen species of small mammals and an amazing sixty-eight species of dung beetle! Whilst there is suitable camouflage for the extensive fauna at the reserve some animals inevitably just stand out at times, from one of the many giraffes, rhino, wildebeest and zebras, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to photograph and observe the vast array of herbivores grazing and browsing their way around the reserve.

There are no lions at Mankwe, but there are species of cats that visit Mankwe to prey on certain mammals.

Leopards do hunt at the reserve and camera trap evidence and sighting sof smaller cats have been seen. 

Mankwe is also rich in bird life and you’ll soon become familiar, during your stay, with the array of whistles, trills, croaks and calls of the common birds.

Flora and Fauna
Flora and Fauna

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