Is malaria a risk at Mankwe?

There are mosquitoes in the camp at certain times of the year, and Mankwe is in a low risk malaria zone, so there is always some risk and it is your choice as to how you deal with that risk.

Are all my meals included during my stay?

Yes, all your meals are included. Tea, coffee and squash (concentrated fruit juice) drinks are available 24 hours. Alcohol and other fizzy soda drinks are not included, but are available to buy from the camp shop.

Should I bring a sleeping bag?

Bed linen and blankets are provided, but you are welcome to bring your sleeping bag if you prefer. If you feel the cold at night, a sleeping back can be useful in the winter months (May-September)

Is bed linen provided?

Yes, bed sheets, pillows and blankets are provided, as well as bath towels. If you feel the cold you should also consider bringing a sleeping bag during the winter months (May-September) You are welcome to bring your own towels if

Can I bird watch in the camp?

Yes, there is birdlife in abundance and there are several quiet vantage points to set up a tripod or take out the sketchbook.

Is there power available?

There is light in all the accommodation and plugs are available, not in the tents, to allow safe charging of electronic devices such as mobile (cell) phones and camera batteries. But the camp uses solar power only, so some devices

What is the accomodation like?

The principal accommodation at Mankwe for guests is at the aptly named ‘Waterbuck Camp’. The camp sleeps up to thirty-six guests and sits on the banks of the Motolobo dam. A rustic bush camp with all the amenities required toensure

Food and Refreshments

There will be three meals a day served in the long cabin at the centre of Waterbuck camp. Meals vary, but centre on meat dishes and sides, but always with a vegetarian option. The meats used include poultry and game,

Are there dangerous animals at Mankwe?

You will receive a safety briefing when you arrive at camp and staff will enact established protocols in the unlikely event of an emergency. Many animals will be deterred from entering camp by humans and the accompanying noises, but not

Camp Safety and Security

You are in South Africa and you will be living amongst African nature and so being sensible and adhering to the camp’s rules and recommendations is fundamental to ensure you remain safe and enjoy your stay. The reserve itself is