Clothing and footwear for fieldwork*

Please note that all clothing should be earthy or dark colours such as browns, blacks, dark greens, beige, khaki etc.  White, Yellow and Red are not suitable for the bush.

  Long-sleeved shirts and combat trousers for fieldwork

  Lightweight waterproof jacket

  Lightweight waterproof trousers (optional)

  Warm Coat (Between May and September)

  Warm clothing for early mornings and nights i.e. windproof jacket and jumpers

  Wide-brimmed hat for face, neck and head sun protection

  Warm hat, gloves, and a scarf (between May and September)

  Hiking boots (preferably worn in) and hiking socks

   Short sleeved t-shirts in appropriate colour

*Please note that thermal clothing is advised between the months of June to September as night-time temperatures can drop to below 0ºC.

Clothing and footwear for Leisure

  Loose clothing for hot summer days

  Long-sleeved lightweight top for sun protection

  Shorts and T-shirts

  Underwear and socks

  Comfortable shoes for wearing around the camp

  Swimwear (optional)

What clothes do I need to bring?
What clothes do I need to bring?

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